Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dr. Mccarus

Ahh, well. What a day it was. Joe and I just got home from Orlando. We left this morning at 9:15ish for a 1:00 doctors appointment. What a doctors appointment it was.

First off, let me just say that everything this doctor is, I've been looking for since last October. Everything he said was right on, he agreed with my thoughts on Lupron (which, btw, shocked me to no end), and explained to me in "people terms" why I was feeling what I was feeling. I'll break it down:

A.) Recurring fevers - there are spots on Endometriosis on my cervix, left ovary, etc. During the week or so before my period, these spots are becoming inflamed. Because of the inflammation, my body sends out white blood cells to attack the areas. This makes my body think there is an infection, thus lowering my immune system. If there is a person around me with even the tiniest of sniffles, I'll get that illness tenfold. And there we have the recurring fevers of 102*+. He thinks that removal of the adhesions will keep fevers ad other illnesses at bay. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

2.) Uterus - I've been told since I'm 16 that my uterus is titled, aka retroverted uterus. This means my uterus is tilted backwards. Anything can cause this (from child birth to endo), and only a surgical procedure will fix it. Its called an UPLIFT Procedure (sounds like some fun type of plastic surgery, huh?!). When you're lying down on your back, your uterus should lie flat as well. Your cervix should be face outward toward your vagina. In my case, my cervix is tilted upward toward my belly button. The UPLIFT Procedure will put everything back in it's rightful place by repositioning the uterus and stitching it to the inside of the abdomen to keep it in place.

3.) Endometriosis - As I wrote before, I do have endo again. Dr M did not feel much, but of course he wants to take a further look with another lap. He feels my bowels are in danger due to the location of the nodules that he felt. On July 7th I have an appointment with one of the best bowel surgeons in the US. If he feels the need to be present during the surgery because of the location of the endo, he'll join Dr M. Let's hope he doesn't. Oh top of all of this, Dr M feels I would benefit from a presacral plexus (PSN). Near the back of your uterus and spine there is a network of nerves. A PSN is a procedure that deadens the nerves to the uterus causing less pain during periods and intercourse. While the cure rate seems to be impressive,, I feel this procedure might be a little outdated. And, to be honest, a PSN sounds downright scary. Joe is concerned with the deadening of other nerves to the rest of my body, which is a legit fear. I'm not sold on this yet, but I'm keeping my mind open to anything the could help in the long run.

Overall, I think today was extremely successful. The shitty thing is Joe and I have to skip Italy this August. I'm really sad about this, but as Joe said, Italy isn't going anywhere. We both left Dr M's office full of confidence and positivity. We both feel August will be the start of a new healthy life for me :)

Thanks for reading this book! LOL.


  1. Sounds like a great appointment overall. I have my second doctor's appointment with my new doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, it will go well.

  2. Yay for finally getting an explaination on the fevers! And for finding a good doc! As for the PSN, I'd be nervous about that, too. I would suspect fixing the retroverted uterus might alleviate some pain? Best of luck with things!